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The Benefits of Soft Washing

What is Soft Washing

Soft washing is a method of pressure washing using a low-pressure or no-pressure cleaning method. A gentle, eco-friendly cleaning detergent is applied to a surface, and then we use our pressure washer with a no-pressure or low-pressure sprayer attachment to remove the soap and grime.

Pressure washing exterior surfaces of your home is best handled by a professional. Our experts will know what PSI - level of pressure used in the cleaning spray tool - is best for each material and how to remove stains. A professional will also make sure any landscaping you've planted can be protected from unnecessary damage.

Benefits of soft washing:

  • Less damage to trees, shrubs, and other landscape around your home
  • Avoid unnecessary damage to your home's vinyl or wood siding
  • Better for the environment
The benefits of soft washing

House Washing

Green Team Prowash uses a low-pressure or no-pressure house washing method. This pressure washing method leaves your home sparkling clean and looking new while ensuring there is minimal damage to your exterior siding and landscape.

Window Cleaning

Green Team Prowash knows to use a soft wash pressure washing method for easily-damaged windows. This means that a gentle, eco-friendly cleansing agent is applied to the windows, and then a specialized sprayer is used with low pressure or no pressure to remove the soap and grime.

Fence Cleaning

We know the correct PSI for pressure washing fences and use the best fence cleaning method to wash a variety of fence materials without damaging them. Cleaning your deck with a soft wash is also ideal to preserve soft wood or composite surfaces.

Leaving the decision of what type of cleaner, how much pressure you should be spraying with, and how to remove different types of contaminants or stains is best left to a professional. Contact Green Team Prowash for all your pressure washing needs.

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